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Great ideas can come from anywhere

Strategy. Branding. Design. Anywhere.

Undisclosed Location (UNLO) is a marketing services firm providing advertising & communications around collaboration technologies that allow us to work with the best & the brightest professionals regardless of where they are. 


Operating virtually since 2009.

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We have helped to create, shape and manage some of the world's most valuable brands. We also believe in entrepreneurs and have helped young companies and smaller organizations grow.



“Everyone on this team wants in on racing to the heart of the problem, no matter their skillset. This is where it all starts. When you define the problem and size it up to the competition, you see the opportunity. Then, and only then, can you figure out what the path to success and profitability looks like.”



“In Groundswell, Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff say that 'your brand is whatever your customers say it is'. That’s right. But add to that notion…‘build your brand with fresh ideas that come from unexpected places’. That’s what must happen to create value today while you set course for the long haul in business. That’s the brand work we truly love to do.”



“Functional and original design is at the heart of everything that we do. From the first time I smelled magic makers to the newest digital solution, I have always loved great work and well-crafted ideas that are outside of the category box.”

- Barbara Gorder

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Barbara Gorder,
President + CEO, Brand Strategist

“Barbara is a creative, resourceful and proficient marketing strategist. With a combination of large agency expertise and company culture insight, Barbara develops campaigns that increase brand awareness and deliver measurable results. From innovative planning to flawless execution, Barbara and her team are an invaluable marketing partner.” – Kristyn Byrne, Director, Community & Government Relations @ C&S Waste Solutions


Karen Freese,
Brand Strategist

“Even under challenging circumstances Karen is able to give clear concise solutions. She is an excellent coach for both start-up ventures and experienced businesses interested in solidifying their brand identity, marketing message and customer strategies.

– Ed Rosenthal, The Guru of Ganja


Hugh Scallon,
Brand Strategist

“Hugh is a consummate marketing professional. With a background in journalism, he knows how to uncover the facts and get to the core of a brand’s business challenge, quickly. Having worked closely with Hugh for a number of years, he brings a unique & thoughtful perspective to his clients and is able to provide straightforward, honest, and insightful counsel. Sitting at the intersection of traditional marketing, emerging technology trends and shifting audience behaviors, he is a tremendous asset to any organization looking to set a strategic vision for the future.

– Sourced from a seasoned NY Ad Tech Media Executive /2021

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