Aetna BodyGuard

UNLO created a comprehensive Millennial test pilot in Chicago to persuade young people to purchase insurance at a low monthly cost. We geo-targeted GIF banner ads, rich media ads with video and created programs at Vollywood (lakefront volleyball festival) and with Sports and young professional clubs.


Aetna/AARP/Magic Johnson Enterprises

UNLO teamed with Aetna on a 3-year program to promote an AARP insurance plan with Magic Johnson when Magic was turning 50.  We created websites and video content tailored to different target audiences within the African American community. The program was promoted via rich media banner ads in key markets. We partnered with SMSI, a grass roots marketing agency, to produce health fairs and events in Atlanta, Chicago, New York, Houston and Los Angeles.  

Aetna Vital Savings

Aetna Vital Savings and UNLO produced a testimonial video campaign, website and mobile app that drove business over 22% year over year to 3 divergent targets: single parents, 55+ and Hispanics. 

MorphFire/LevTec, LLC

UNLO concepted and produced an entire launch plan from the ground up for an innovative BB gun converter product. Beginning with strategy, branding and packaging we moved into website content, video and advertising. See the Morph Fire Video here.

Streetwise Reports

UNLO worked with Streetwise Reports to re-vamp the marketing strategy and branding to its commodity investor audience. We created a mobile and tablet app for both IOS & Android.