We are a marketing services firm providing advertising & communications around collaboration technologies that allow us to work with the best & the brightest professionals regardless of where they are. Established in 2003, we are big idea people, who have experience and have helped to create, shape and manage some of the world's most valuable brands. We develop national and regional brands across a broad variety of categories.

As a company that specializes in creating compelling ideas and marketing strategies – our core business revolves around finding the right people to work on the right project. Undisclosed Location has home base in Santa Rosa, California. Closer in on the GPS: the Bennett Valley. Occasionally we hang out at an UNLO site in North Beach. And we visit Silicon Valley UNLO sites to meet with friends and embrace new things. An UNLO site presence remains in Chicago. Zoom in further: Evanston. St. Louis is a base for us too, via our 12-year partnership with Mike Zitt. Together we work with The Brandery to develop new entrepreneurs.

In 2018, UNLO is focused on expanding marketing efforts in the food, wine & spirits categories, as well as expanding in the Non-Profit community. We look forward to helping our clients to engage in mobile programs and continue to find creative digital answers to their marketing problems.

The Best People

Barbara Gorder, President & Chief Creative Officer
Mike Zitt, Production Partner & Creative Director UNLO/Mike Zitt Inc.
Rebecca Weston, Project Manager & Social Media Specialist
Warren Lam, Digital Content Director/Producer
Phil Lee, Film Maker & Editor


Strategic & Creative Partners

C Walters Design
Craige Walters, Director, Hospitality and Retail Design
Jennifer Walters, Director, Marketing and Brand Strategy

Member of PIXINK Brand Boardroom for Brand & Digital Strategy
Ayesha Mathews-Wadwa/Chief Pixel Bender & Founder

Business development for the 3% Conference
Kat Gordon-Founder

Keynote Chair for Direct to Consumer Wine Symposium
2010 to present

Certified Women Owned business